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Since 1883, Modern Woodmen of America has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities.

About Us
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Looking for a meaningful career?

Grow with Modern Woodmen! As a financial representative, you can make a positive impact for your family and your community.

Financial Planning

We can help you meet your current needs, achieve your future dreams and plan for all stages of life.

Planning for Life

Our Products

Modern Woodmen maintains a portfolio of high-quality financial products that can help you meet a wide range of life needs.

Our Products
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Financial planning

Browse our helpful tips and articles to understand what’s important to you and your loved ones.

Being a Member

Modern Woodmen membership is about relationships. As a member, you work together with a trusted local representative to plan for some of the most important moments in the lives of those you love.

Being a Member
About Membership
Member Benefits
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Member Benefits

Modern Woodmen offers a variety of fraternal member benefits for all ages.

Information Security

Modern Woodmen of America is committed to keeping members’ personal information confidential and secure.

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How Modern Woodmen secures your information

Modern Woodmen of America is committed to keeping members’ personal information confidential and secure. We collaborate with other financial services providers through the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC). This keeps us abreast of potential security threats in the industry. We then use what we learn to take steps to secure your data to the best of our abilities.

Our layered-defense approach is designed to ensure the confidential, personal information you share with us remains secure and protected. We also employ a team of full-time privacy and information security professionals to guard your information and ensure our systems’ integrity.

Modern Woodmen is committed to protecting the funds our members place with us. This is a promise we’ve met since 1883. Learn more about our financial strength.

How we protect you

  • Access to data is strictly controlled through application and database security procedures.
  • All servers and desktops/laptops:
    • Are updated with security patches.
    • Run anti-virus software.
    • Use firewalls, encryption and an intrusion-detection system to monitor inbound and outbound emails and scrutinize internet traffic for suspicious activities.
    • Secure areas of Modern Woodmen of America's website use encryption to secure any personal information you submit.
    • A third-party provider performs internal, external and system penetration tests on a periodic basis.
    • Our buildings and properties are secured and patrolled by security officers 24/7.
    • Modern Woodmen has business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place to help ensure ongoing business operations. These plans can help us minimize the impact of a natural disaster or other interruption. 
    • We train and practice security-protection procedures annually. This helps our teams prepare for any data-compromise situations that may occur.

How you can protect yourself

  • Keep your internet browser, antivirus software, and hardware/software firewalls updated. Using the newest versions best protects your data from unauthorized sources.
  • Never share your password with others. Your password is private information; keep it confidential.
  • Do not loan your laptop or desktop computer to anyone.  Giving other users access to your computer can put you and your personal information at risk.
  • Be careful not to leave your computer unattended when you have applications with confidential data open.

For more information on ways to keep your information safe, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website.  You’ll find tips for protecting yourself and warning signs of identity theft.

For security and privacy information regarding products sold through Modern Woodmen’s broker dealer (MWA Financial Services, Inc.) or MWAGIA, Inc., contact those fund companies or investment companies directly. 

For further information, please see Modern Woodmen of America's Privacy Notice. If you have any additional questions about how Modern Woodmen keeps your information secure, please contact us.

We want to know!

Think you’ve received a suspicious email or phone call claiming to be from Modern Woodmen? Please let us know.

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