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Since 1883, Modern Woodmen of America has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities.

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Modern Woodmen of America, Rock Island, IL

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Grow with Modern Woodmen! As a financial representative, you can make a positive impact for your family and your community.

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We can help you meet your current needs, achieve your future dreams and plan for all stages of life.

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Modern Woodmen maintains a portfolio of high-quality financial products that can help you meet a wide range of life needs.

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When you join Modern Woodmen, you become a member of the organization. You trust us with your financial needs. And you have the opportunity to access member benefits and impact your community.

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Business Planning Member Profile

Modern Woodmen financial representatives work together with their members to help meet key financial needs throughout life.

Modern Woodmen members, Wes Avent and Randy Acosta with Landon Landry (center), Modern Woodmen Representative.

Wes and Randy's story

Modern Woodmen members: Wes Avent and Randy Acosta

City: Canadian, Texas

Occupation: Owners of Canadian Animal Health and Nutrition. We supply goods and services to the ranching and farming community, oil field-related businesses, hunters, fishermen, etc.

Their Modern Woodmen representative: Landon Landry, Canadian, Texas

Why is business planning important? In a partnership, you need to be ready for the “what ifs.”  We just want to make sure we have things planned out in case something happens.

How is Modern Woodmen helping meet your business planning needs? Landon is helping us with buy-sell agreements funded with life insurance. He’s also helping both of us with retirement accounts.

What's one thing you were surprised to learn during the planning process? What could happen if something happened to one of us and we didn’t have all of our bases covered – the potential mess it could create.

What advice do you have for other business owners? Take a few minutes and make plans. Get them set in place. It could save you from a lot of headaches down the road.

Wes and Randy's representative

Landon Landry - Wes and Randy's Representative.
Landon Landry

"Your business is an important part of your life. You need to take the same care in planning for potential situations for your business that you would take for your family. If you don’t, those potential situations could affect both your business and your family."

Additional products and services

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Term life insurance

Term life insurance

Term life insurance provides low-cost protection and peace of mind for a certain period of time. While permanent protection is an important part of an overall life insurance plan, term insurance can protect you by helping to cover temporary needs, such as helping to pay off your mortgage or other debt. This can be an affordable way to help make sure your dreams and goals are protected.

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Do-Good Grant®

Members can apply to receive a $100 prepaid VISA® card to purchase supplies for a hands-on service project in their community, plus an in-depth project guide, T-shirts and more to help them organize a successful event. Modern Woodmen will give away up to 500 grants per year on a first-come, first-served basis.

See this benefit in action with these real-life project ideas.

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